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Advertising on Banners

The client's first impression when they approach your exhibition stand depends very much on the message on the banner.  Therefore, advertising on banners should be carefully planned to ensure a great visual impact that presents information and graphics in a striking and informative way. Detailed text on a banner is a waste of a good medium. People strolling through an exhibition are not going to stand still and read a vast write-up in small text on your advertising banner.

That is why it is so important to present advertising on banners that does what it is supposed to do - draw the potential client into your stand with just enough information to get them to ask for more. Roll-up banners work particularly well for indoor exhibitions.  Their large, vertical surface area allows imaginative advertising to be used on them and because they are vertical banners, they use up little horizontal floor space.

You can have these roll-up banners, and other banners we offer, designed to present large graphics, bold text and prominent logos to capture people's attention from afar as well as close up.



We strive to accommodate as much as possible of your media and advertising needs under one roof! We mainly specialise in digital printing but we offer all sorts of printing solutions. If we don’t have something we will try our best to find it.

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